How to choose your profile picture on dating site

You have found the right online dating site and you are ready to finalize your profile, you now need a good photo to illustrate your online presentation.

Choose quality over quantity

Photos are essential and directly linked to the success of your meetings. It should be noted that if you do not publish a photo on your presentation page, you will not have any response to your messages.

Your photo must convince in 10 seconds

Be aware that studies have shown that women take about 10 seconds to make an impression on someone, just by looking at an online photo, that is, yours! So if the charming brunette has a bad impression of you from the beginning because you posted a bad quality picture, she won't click on your profile.

Use recent pictures

You must be very careful! the picture must represent you as you are, no need to think about putting a picture of you under 5 years old. Even if you are overweight with baldness, you will be more likely to say that you have started a sports program to lose the few extra pounds you have, as far as baldness is concerned, you should know that some women might like it.

3 to 6 shots to attract women

A profile with several photos attracts 80% more visits! 69% of singles want to see the occasional pictures showing you in your daily life, so be spontaneous. You must highlight the multiple facets of your personality, I advise you to choose a series of 3 to 6 photos when for example if you own a motorcycle, here is a way to make a beautiful photo, you can also use pictures when going out with your friends, but also put online 1 photo taken during a trip.