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You all know the Spain, this beautiful country or the weather is always beautiful with temperatures of 20 degrees in December. Living in Spain is a real adventure that allows you to meet people in Madrid or Barcelona, the Spain is the Sun and the beautiful Spanish women. Ibiza is the reference of the party for singles.

The Sun and singles

Statistically, there are more single men than single women in the age group 25-44 years, but this does not find millions of single women, especially during the summer season due to the arrival of tourists and travelers who come to Spain.

Do you know the capital of Madrid?

Madrid is the capital of the Spain. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous community of Spain. You can visit the Museum of the Prado or the Royal Palace, or you can decide to go out in the best locations in the city centre. Going out with friends to go to the Los Montes de Galicia restaurant to eat Spanish specialties, then direction the James Joyce Irish Pub to have a good time with singles Spanish.

You can get out in more traditional areas by consulting specialized guides directly to the office of tourism of Madrid.

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